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Anything that takes a week or less to produce, we generally refer to as a Quickie. Maybe you need an animated open or endtag for your web video. Or an animation of an existing infographic to spruce up your video content. Perhaps you’re wanting to repurpose something we previously created together. Most likely, these would all be Quickies.

These are an excellent choice for smaller independent clients who are looking for a splash of broadcast quality graphics at a budget friendly price. They can also be a great way to explore an idea that we could later develop together into a more comprehensive project.

See below for a Small Case Study:

CASE STUDY: Engaging the Community with St. Bernadine’s Instagallery

The Challenge:
With only 48 hours to turn this job around, we had to think on our toes and burn a little midnight oil to deliver this two minute long video for Vancouver advertising and design firm, St. Bernadine Mission.

Earlier this year, St. Bernadine produced a project that was part technology, part digital / social experiment, part community art and part self promotion; the #ChinatownYVR Instagallery.

To help tell people about it, they knew they needed a piece that could clearly and quickly communicate goals, process and benefits in an engaging way.

And they needed it in very short order.

St. Bernadine provided us with thoughtfully planned storyboards, and well organized artwork – a big plus with such a tight deadline. We were responsible for animation direction and production, as well as creating type elements based on their voice-over track and type specifications, and designing supporting elements and transitions throughout.

The resulting piece is clean and simple, with crystal clear messaging supporting the project’s submitted art and framework.


Never having worked with Sarah before, we weren’t really sure what to expect, but based on her reel, we knew we’d get something that felt fun, stylish and modern.

What she delivered, however, was much more than that. Sarah really engaged with the content and made the finished piece so much better than we had ever imagined. The few small changes we had were done quickly and efficiently, and Sarah worked above and beyond to make our deadline.

Overall, we couldn’t have been happier!

Andrew Samuel | Partner
Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.