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Much of our corporate, event and sub-contract work falls under this category. Let’s say you’re a production company looking to outsource your design or animation. Or maybe you’re a commercial director with a project requiring motion graphics or compositing and need a collaborator. If you’re a company looking to create some smashing custom video content for your event, website, Vimeo or YouTube channel, a Classic is probably what you’re looking for.

See below for a Medium Case Study:



The Challenge:

Origin and Whistler Creek Productions contacted us with a complex job: take a small handful of stunning Jordan Manley photographs and turn them into a 30 second broadcast commercial.

The Creative:

Future Perfect – with the help of editor extraordinaire Jon Morris – created a story from the stills. Having decided that a building snowstorm would make for a great narrative arc, we built layers and layers of flurries in After Effects and used these as our guiding principle. At the heart of our story is a single snowflake that slowly builds to the crescendo of a twilight blizzard, picking up the light and magic of Whistler’s world famous skiing and village festivities. The end brings us back to our single sparkling snowflake, the jewel of BC, Whistler Mountain.

Our Thoughts: 

We delighted in turning these still images into dynamic elements, creating a snowy world for them, and then infusing them with the energy of a good day on the slopes.