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If you’re an agency or corporation looking to produce a broadcast campaign or multi-platform content, this is probably the category for you. Here, most likely you’re taking advantage of our full array of services, from concept to completion. And if you’ve got a lot to say, long-format corporate video might also live here.

See below for a Large Case Study:

CASE STUDY: Great Opportunities with Virgin Radio

“God bless you and whatever white horse you rode in on!”
– Ronnie Stanton, General Manager, Astral Radio

The Challenge
When Virgin Vancouver approached Future Perfect to create two :15 second broadcast spots, the creative brief was loose and time was tight. They were looking for an innovative and exciting way to break the mould of the traditional radio spot, which generally features a montage of host personality shots and music video clips.

They knew that competition would be fierce this year: their two biggest competitors would be pulling out all the stops, vying for market visibility following significant changes in their talent lineup for the fall. This challenge presented a great opportunity for Virgin to grab a hold of some new listeners!

The Creative
Their primary target being women in their thirties who spend significant time on the road – driving to and from work, shuttling children, and running errands – Virgin wanted something with just enough edge to grab their attention, but with an elegance that speaks to a refined taste.

Setting the appropriate stage was key. Drawing from current architecture trends we established a foundational look with textured white space, light refracted through glass, and concrete surfaces. Secondly, we encouraged Virgin to play as strongly as possible on the universal visibility of their iconic brand. We pushed this idea by presenting featured artists and hosts in a stylized Virgin Radio world: evoking a feeling of having a concert played for you in your living room, with all your favorite artists on the ticket, brought to you by Virgin. This approach not only fulfilled Virgin’s messaging and styling needs, but from a practical standpoint meant that no original video needed to be shot for the pieces, allowing more of the budget to go to high impact motion graphics animation.

Again, with an eye towards maximizing Virgin’s brand visibility, we established the Virgin Star as a prominent feature throughout the spot. Their media team strategically placed the ads as bookends, ensuring that at least a portion of the spots were seen even with PVR. With this in mind, we wanted the Star to be the first thing you see and the last thing you see, not just a tag. Additionally, a significant goal was to ensure that the piece still reads with the volume off; that the story would resonate even if being watched in a crowded bar, at the gym or on line at the bank. With PVR at home, often these are the places where broadcast ads are seen most. We feel that the Virgin Star as a unifying element really fulfills this goal.

The flow of the spots are guided by a sweeping motion line, pulling the viewer through the space and adding a secondary visual “voice,” interacting with the elements and creating a consistent bridge between the sections with a bit of personality of its own.

Our Thoughts
This job gave us the opportunity to flex a whole variety of muscles while keeping a lot of balls in the air at once. As we handled concept to completion in a short time span, we also acted as producer for Virgin, corresponding with their media team, balancing budgets and managing broadcast output.

We hope these spots can serve as a reminder to clients of the quality of work that can be devised and produced in a short time span by a small studio.

Client Feedback
“Sarah’s work demonstrates her ability to marry our vision with a finished product that is both entertaining and eye catching. We are thrilled that we were fortunate enough to work with such a talented and professional independent artist as well as a brilliant collaborator throughout the creative process.”

Crosby McWilliam
Promotions Director, Astral Radio