Case Studies


/ Quickie

Anything that takes a week or less to produce, we generally refer to as a Quickie. Maybe you need an animated open or endtag for your web video. Or an animation of an existing infographic to spruce up your video content. Perhaps you’re wanting to repurpose something we previously created together. Most likely, these would all be Quickies…. See More


/ Classic

Much of our corporate, event and sub-contract work falls under this category. Let’s say you’re a production company looking to outsource your design or animation. Or maybe you’re a commercial director with a project requiring motion graphics or compositing and need a collaborator. If you’re a company looking to create some smashing custom video content… See More


/ Super

If you’re an agency or corporation looking to produce a broadcast campaign or multi-platform content, this is probably the category for you. Here, most likely you’re taking advantage of our full array of services, from concept to completion. And if you’ve got a lot to say, long-format corporate video might also live here. See below… See More