Scripting Compelling Copy

It all begins with copy. The most smashing graphics you’ve laid eyes on won’t matter a bit if your copy is neglected. The copy is your foundation, your message. Our job is dressing it up.

I’m not a copywriter, and there’s a real science to word-smithing, but I see patterns and archetypes that resonate time and again.

Here’s a look at some excellent motion graphics work that I think nails tone and messaging. From what I’ve observed there are two solid models of copywriting in most successful pieces:

1. The YOU model, a story in which your primary audience can see themselves, often featuring a classic archetype. Some examples:

Archetype: The Child

You see your own childhood, or that of your child. Note that the copy throughout references “Her”. She is all children, and the call to action is to protect her. Who could watch this and not want to scoop her up and take her home?

by Animade

The Hero:

Me? A Hero? Yes, this piece shows how you too can impact the fight for a cure by engaging your community.

by Giant Ant

2. The PROBLEM / SOLUTION model, where you are shown a problem, and are called to action, seeing yourself in the solution:

Here, YOU are the Brave One, the Hero who can make a difference by questioning current models of aid and striving for a new, more effective system:

Only the Brave

And a great example of copy implemented solely with type (no voiceover). The YOU in this piece is less clearly identified than in the previous examples; more an implication of the impact of our choices have on our communities:

by Gentleman Scholar

There’s great power in words. Let’s use them wisely!

(we happen to know a few killer copywriters, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need a hand!)